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Avenge Sevenfold: Nowell 0750 Skull with Doc Holiday 1999: B Wign Attachments

Punisher: Nowell 0750 Skull with Hand Built Attachements and Texturing

JonesWorksLLC is a place where, no matter your artistic ability, your creativity can come alive. We offer not only traditional Ceramics in Bisque and Greenware, but also specialty pieces that will make amazing gifts. Just looking for fun?  We offer studio time and classes in clay, glass, and paints. Check out the gallery and project page to see just a few unique projects. Our Warm and Cold Glass supplies offer a large array of System 96, Van Gogh, Youghiogheny, Uroboro and Royal. We have a large array of colors and textures for you to choose from. 

Val's Magnificent Stained Glass House with Wire details.

Mixed Media: Hand Built border with Glass Mosaic and Plaster Mold Cast Face and Hands. Glaze was used for the face and border.