The Trouble with Glaze

So, you find the perfect glaze for your projects. You load them all in the kiln and excitedly await the unloading to see how they all turned out. Much to your surprise, when you open the kiln something has gone wrong. One of your pieces has severe flaws in the appearance of the glaze. What was once red is now white and somehow you ended up with green splotches.

This is what happened to a recent firing of glaze. We always ensure that we are firing all current glazes together and that we separate out old glazes as many can cause chemical reactions and result in flaws in the pieces surrounding it.

This time we used Mayco’s Jungle Gem a Crystal Glaze called CG 756 Firecracker. This is a gorgeous redish-orange glaze with various yellow and orange crystals is still on the market. We also used a ceramic Bench (Hershey Mold 314) that was broken in the process of cleaning. We removed the legs and added holes to turn the bench into an old fashioned swing to add to our display.